Professional Roofing Services Contractor New Prague, MN

A lot of customers don’t know where to start with roofing and siding, but we can help you choose the best options for your house based on material, style, and durability. Know exactly what you want? Call us now at (952) 212-3399 to begin your project.

While each project is different, we have the skilled team and attention to detail to give you professional roofing services, best vinyl siding, and best gutter system. Does your home need a repair?

Roofing Contractor in New Prague, MN

The Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

We know that investing in your home is a big deal,  and we make it easy to upgrade your home. Bill Blazek Roofing will pull all appropriate permits before work begins. In addition, you don’t pay for your project until it has been completed and fully inspected and approved by a qualified home inspector. Plus, we warranty our labor and materials for 30 years!

No Middle Man – No Sales Person – No Money Down
All Work Supervised By Owner – 22+ Years of Experience