New Siding Installation

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When you choose new siding for your home, you want it to protect your home and look amazing. Replacing the siding on your home can breathe new life into your house and provide a major face-lift. Bill Blazek Roofing is a local Minnesota roofing and siding installation contractor and offers a variety of siding types and products that are of the finest build quality and cost effective.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl is a very affordable for siding installation that comes in a variety of colors and styles. vinyl siding installation is relatively maintenance free and is very durable. We offer several brands of vinyl products such as CertainTeed Wolverine,  GenTech Revere,  and Craine siding.

Concrete Siding Installation

Hardie is a world leader in Fiber Cement Siding and Backerboard. Fiber Cement features minimal upkeep and is unaffected by blowing wind or cold Minnesota winters. This affordable concrete siding installation can be made to look like wood, shingles, or even brick.

Tyvek HomeWrap

Homewrap is applied beneath the siding of your home. It acts like a windbreaker over a sweater in that in helps keep out air and water. This extra barrier gives a second layer of protection in addition to your siding, making it essential to keep your home safe and sound.

While Tyvek HomeWrap keeps air and water out, it also lets moisture from inside the home safely escape, preventing moisture and mold from forming.

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The Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

We know that investing in your home is a big deal,  and we make it easy to upgrade your home. Bill Blazek Roofing will pull all appropriate permits before work begins. In addition, you don’t pay for your project until it has been completed and fully inspected and approved by a qualified home inspector. Plus, we warranty our labor and materials for 30 years!