8 Causes of Roof Damage in Minnesota

Minnesota is a treacherous place for roofs. Some of the more temperate places in the world may see less roof damage, but the creatures and weather in this state can wreak some serious havoc.

Want to keep your roof in tip-top shape? Here are 8 common causes of roof damage found in the Bold North.

1. Animals

We have a lot of little feet on the ground and wings in the sky in this state. Animals, rodents and birds love to get up to the top of your roof and even underneath it.

Animals like these love to perch, climb around, build nests and eat away at the parts of your roofing. Keep an eye out for:

  • Large and small birds
  • Squirrels
  • Rats
  • Honeybees
  • Raccoons
  • Termites
  • Bats

2. Trees

Tall trees and long branches are another threat to a safe roof. Branches can fall on, rub up against and even be a pathway for animals to find their way onto the top of your home. Be sure to keep your tree branches trimmed at least a few feet away from your home.

3. Obstructed Gutters

Gutters work well at moving water away from your home, but gutters that are clogged with debris can result in backflow under shingles. Animals also love to make their homes in gutters, so check them regularly to make sure they’re free of obstructions.

4. Weather

Minnesota weather can be a hazard year-round. Roofs are built to last through some pretty rough conditions, but extreme weather can easily destroy shingles, flashing and the structure of your roof. Extreme weather includes:

  • Strong wind gusts
  • Storms and tornados
  • Ice dams and ice buildups
  • Hail
  • Lightning

5. Installation

Sometimes, incompetent contractors will skip or avoid significant steps when installing or repairing your roof. These steps, no matter how small, are important in having safe, strong and secured roofing over your head for several decades. (Our team will install your roof the right way the first time.)

6. Corrosion

This is less common, but corrosion can still happen on roofs. Unless you have a metal roof, corrosion will most often happen with flashing. While most contractors use corrosion-resistant flashing, it’s still something you’ll want to check occasionally to make sure it’s not rusting.

7. People

Have a lot of neighborhood kids? Some roof damage is caused by kids (and adults) tossing around footballs and playing with toys like kites or drones. While these objects are usually light and soft, they can chip away at shingles or dent gutters.

Other man-made destruction may come from workers who are repairing or adding something to the top of your home. Sometimes when shingles are replaced, flashing may get damaged. Or if a satellite dish is installed, the drilled holes may not be correctly caulked.

8. Lack of Maintenance

Even though most damage caused by outside sources, it’s still the homeowner’s responsibility to check the roof damage signs of current or potential damage.

  • At least once a year, every homeowner should check for:
  • Animals or signs of animal activity
  • Nearby tree branches
  • Debris in gutters
  • Damage after extreme weather
  • Rusting metals
  • Chips, missing shingles or toys on the roof
  • Noticeable roof damage after repairs

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