Ice Dam and Snow Removal Service

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Ice dam and snow removal service is an important step in keeping your home and family safe. We are the ice dam removal experts. Ice dams can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your roof, ceilings, walls and framework. In addition, moisture inside walls can result in serious health problems.

How Ice Dams Form

An ice dam is a buildup of ice and snow on the roof of houses where the shingles meet the gutter. Ice dams occur when warm air from inside a house reaches the attic due to lack of insulation. The air then warms the blanket of snow of your roof, which then melts and flows down to the gutter where it refreezes into an ice dam.

The snow continues to melt, however, and since it can’t penetrate the ice dam to drain out of the gutter, it can begin leaking into your house through shingles and cracks in the roof and eventually into the ceiling and walls. Along with structural damage, that water can produce mold, which can cause serious health problems for anyone inside the house.

Ice Dams in Minnesota

ice dam removal is especially a problem for Minnesota houses do to the extreme temperatures and precipitation during the winter months. If you see icicles forming on the edge of your roof or gutters, ice dams may be forming as well.

How We Help

To stop or slow damage, With ice dam service our team will remove the ice dams from your roof. We use equipment to break up and blow away the ice buildup in a way that keeps your gutters and shingles safe from additional damage.

The Importance of Using Professionals

It’s important that you do not attempt to remove the ice dam yourself if you are not an experienced professional. Common dangers and damage occur from:

  • Falls from walking on an icy roof
  • Chipping away the ice dam with metallic tools
  • Installing heaters in your attic to melt snow and ice
  • Using salt or chemicals to melt snow and ice

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The longer you wait to fix your ice dam, the more damage and repair costs can build up. If you have snow and ice dams on your roof, contact us online or call us directly at (952) 212-3399 as soon as possible.

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