Roofing Contractor for Dundas, MN

Our Dundas roofing teams at Bill Blazek Roofing provide standard roofing, different types of home siding, and new gutters installation to homes across Minnesota. Our install and repair crews are filled with professional, helpful staff who get your project done quickly.

When we service your home, we’ll treat it like our own. And to make things easier, our scheduling process doesn’t involve middlemen or salespersons. The call comes straight to us so we can get started on your home as soon as possible.

Our home services include:

Roofing Contractor in Dundas, MN

The Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

We know that investing in your home is a big deal,  and we make it easy to upgrade your home. Bill Blazek Roofing will pull all appropriate permits before work begins. In addition, you don’t pay for your project until it has been completed and fully inspected and approved by a qualified home inspector. Plus, we warranty our labor and materials for 30 years!

No Middle Man – No Sales Person – No Money Down
All Work Supervised By Owner – 22+ Years of Experience